Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Switzerland travel diary: Lucerne

Our next stop in Switzerland was Lucerne. From Zurich, we took a train which took about nearly an hour. 

Swiss German is also spoken in Lucerne.

This is the Lion Monument or Löwendenkmal in German. It commemorates the Swiss soldiers who were killed during the French Revolution.

We then visited the Church of St Leodegar which is the most important church in Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne

The view of Lake Lucerne from the other side.

This is the famous Chapel Bridge, also known as Kapellbrücke in German. It is Europe's oldest wooden covered bridge. 
As you walk on it, each structure of the bridge above is filled with paintings dating back to 17th century. The whole bridge is lined with flowers on both sides. 

This bridge comes out to the Old Town of Lucerne. It is somewhat similar to the one in Zurich where colourful buildings have paintings that show who lived there during the early days. Compared to Zurich, the paintings in Lucerne cover nearly the whole part of the building and are more outstanding.

I absolutely cannot get enough of this view! We sat by the lake after dinner watching the sun go down while eating ice-cream.
There were lots of people be it tourists or locals either enjoying their evening sitting on benches, taking a stroll or jogging by the lake.

Of flowers and snow-capped mountains.

This is Mount Pilatus, the building in front of it is the train station where we arrived.

Believe it or not, I stood at the highest peak of this very mountain the next day.

This was the view when atop the Mount Pilatus.
I have dedicated Mount Pilatus its own post because it was truly such a breathtaking place to be.

The train on the way to Mount Pilatus.

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