Sunday, 23 August 2015

Switzerland travel diary: Mount Pilatus

"The mountains are calling and I must go."
– John Muir

What would a visit to the land of the mountains be without visiting a mountain? I think of all the places I visited in Switzerland, Mount Pilatus was my favourite. 

To get there, we first took a train from Lucerne's train station to Alpnachstad. The train ride took about 20 minutes. From Alpnachstad, we then took the world's steepest cogwheel up. 

There was also an option to hike up. Hiking up would most probably take 4 hours and another 3 hours downhill. On the way up, we saw quite a number of people hiking. One even brought his 2 dogs on the hike!

Mount Pilatus is known as a dragon's lair because in the medieval times, it was said that a dragon lived on this mountain. The legend was that people have tried to kill this dragon but no one has ever succeeded.

Going up the mountain.

One of my favourites.

What a breathtaking view, isn't it?

Snow-capped mountains.

Another one of my favourites; of miles and miles away.

That was the view of Lucerne from the top of Mount Pilatus.

The world's steepest cogwheel with the maximum gradient of 48%.

My trusty pair of Vans.

Right on the edge of the mountain. 
I actually have a fear of heights but it took me a while to get used to the altitude.

This was the way to one of the peaks where later the steps became really crumbled so we had to be careful on where we stepped.

The zigzag lines were the hiker's trails up. 

Tiny people in big places.

We then took a gondola (which was something like a cable car, not the one like in Venice) and a cable car down from the peak to a village called Kriens where we took a bus back to Lucerne.

Would love to explore other mountains when I visit Switzerland again! I'd definitely make a trip back here. Switzerland is absolutely too beautiful.

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