Sunday, 4 October 2015

Summer in London

Hello everybody! I hope you've enjoyed reading my last two posts on London because this week, I'm back with another one. This time, I went during the beginning of June where it's early summer and the sun's just shining in your face. 

This is at a departmental store called Liberty London right on Regent St. 
I absolutely love the flowers outside the store and to be honest, I passed by this store just to get the shots above and below.

This is the Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane in Shoreditch area. 
It actually took us a while to find it because there isn't a huge signboard outside but look at all these amazing cereals!

I ordered the Unicorn Poop which was £4.80 (I know, it's ridiculous for a bowl of cereal but I keep telling myself it's a one time thing so that's fine)
I feel like it was a bit too sweet for me but give it a try anyway if you're there!

Stopped by Old Spitalfields Market while we were in the area.

London Eye from Embankment area. It was such a nice day to be out and about, really.

We then watched Wicked the musical in Apollo Victoria theatre (just opposite Victoria station) and it was bloody wicked!

Dinner was at Shoryu Ramen on Regent St.
I ordered the Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu which was their signature ramen and it was amazing. AMAZING.

We visited Hyde Park the next day and I wrote a blog post about it.
(you can click here to check it out)
We had a picnic on the grass, walked around the park afterwards and even made daisy bracelets.
Fun times.

Such a beautiful day out.

Found a bit of London's sky while walking around Covent Garden.
Don't avoid puddles, sometimes they make great pictures!

This was taken on the longest day of the year – 20 June.
This was actually the second time I visited London in June after my travels to Switzerland and Paris (respective blog posts are up, just scroll down to check it out) and was about to go back to Malaysia.

Heathrow Terminal 4.

Ending this post with one of my favourite pictures of this trip. Was waiting so long for a family to leave the area then this guy came and wouldn't leave too. Oh well, I guess it'll have to do.

Anyway, I also want to point out that second year of university is starting for me tomorrow and I may or may not have the time to update this blog as frequently as I would like so bear with me.

Thank you for reading!

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