Sunday, 27 September 2015

Christmas and New Years in London

As this post goes up, I'd be flying over Italy en route to London. I'm back in UK for another year of studies and adventures. Today's post is dedicated to the time I spent my first Christmas and New Years in a foreign land, or more specifically, LONDON. 

Also, shoutout to Hui Si and Jia Wen for being such great hosts during my time in London. To many more lamb chop adventures to come! 

We first went to Covent Garden and blimey, look how big this Christmas tree is! 
(blurred on purpose of course)
The bottom of the tree was already way above my head.

Huge shiny baubles hanging above our heads.

This is Harrods by night. 
There were so many lovely Christmas decorations on the window display.

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. 
It's a carnival type thing held every year from November to January where there are many stalls for food, games and even an ice-skating rink, a circus and a ferris wheel.

The churros there were absolutely on point. I'd definitely be back for more.

Borough Market with The Shard behind.

In one of the many tunnels we had to walk through.

St Paul's Cathedral.

Reflections off the glass windows.

Literally ran across a few roads to capture this shot, and you guessed it – no filter.
Brilliant, isn't it?

Lord Nelson must have had a wonderful view of the sunset that day.

Took this shot outside Westminster tube station but I was being impatient (and also we were asked to move out of the way) so I moved my camera before the shutter closed. 
Ended up with a shot looking like Big Ben teleported from somewhere else.

The first of the spectacular New Years Day countdown fireworks.

"Look there's Big Ben hiding in the corner!"

Blur on purpose.

All photos of the fireworks were taken without a tripod.

Seeing these photos makes me excited for the festive season already!

Tip: if you're planning to be in London during this festive season, plan your journey well.
1. Tickets for the best spot to catch the fireworks (Embankment area) always sell out fast
It's £10 a piece so be sure to keep an eye out for that.
2. There is no public transport running during Christmas Day. Most shops will also be closed.
3. Some activities such as the ice-skating rink at Winter Wonderland or Somerset House needs booking in advance to avoid disappointment.
4. Shops open at 12 midday on Sundays and close at 6pm (this is basically year round)

As always, thank you for reading!
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