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London travel diary: Sept '14

Today we walk down a memory lane to exactly a year ago where I visited London for the first time. Since young, it has always been a dream to see this city.

Ah how time flies! Even if it has been a year since then, I still remember my travels clearly because each photo has a different story to tell, and by that I mean the photographer's feelings when the shot was taken, or what they saw just before/after the shot was taken or what inspired the shot.

We took a direct flight using an A380 from KLIA to London Heathrow. The flight took 13 hours.

This was taken as we were flying over Tehran with the outside temperature of -58 degrees. I stood at the end of the lower deck of the plane to capture this shot.

Our first stop was Green Park station. The exit of the station comes out to a literally green park where we had to cross to the Buckingham Palace.

The changing of guards at the Buckingham Palace.

From Buckingham Palace, we then walked to St James's Park which was really near. It was such a lovely place with plenty of flowers, ducks and squirrels!

The London Eye by the Thames River.

Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. This is where the UK Parliament consisting of House of Commons and House of Lords sit.

Bubbles in Trafalgar Square

One of my favourites, the Natural History Museum. Entrance to the museum was free (and so are most museums like British Museum, National Portrait Gallery and so on)

Astounded by the architecture of the buildings in London. 
This is the interior of the Natural History Museum. If you are in London and haven't been to this museum, I'd definitely recommend it!

The Royal Albert Hall in all its splendour.

South Kensington area

Reflections at Southwark.

St Paul's Cathedral.

Walking on the Millennium Bridge, made famous in Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince movie.

The Tower Bridge, where the middle opens for ships and boats to pass. They say if you catch the opening of the bridge, you're really lucky and yes it opened when I was there! 

I actually mistaken this for London Bridge at first but all I'm saying is that London Bridge is not falling down any time soon, I'm afraid.

Next to the Tower Bridge is the Tower of London. We didn't get the chance to enter because it was near closing time but I'd definitely come back to visit.

Ending the post with a picture of The Shard and the sun hiding behind the clouds. The Shard promises amazing views of the city from 70 floors up but the ticket prices burns a hole in my wallet. No doubt I'll definitely have to go and see the view for myself before I finish my studies here.

One day, one day.

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